Specific to your needs

Preparing for the adoption of a child can be challenging. Forever Families offers education, preparation and support through the complexities of an adoption process.

There are three programs for adoption that we can assist you in: Domestic Infant, State Ward and International. Each of these programs have different requirements, different time frames, and different process. We believe education is the number one asset that a prospective adoptive parent needs to be successful in any adoption program. We strive with integrity to educate all of our adoptive parents in understanding options, opportunities and the key to success in adopting a child.


Guidance and orientation is offered free of charge to prospective adoptive parents prior to adoption application, and educational classes are offered to prospective adoptive parents twice a year in the Spring and Fall. These classes offer insight and an understanding of the adoption legal process, openness and communication, and networking to success.

Forever Families offers specialized and independent services regarding adoption pre-placement assessments, all legal processing, as well as post supervision and support.


Adoptive parents are always needed for children who are in foster care and have no one to give them a forever family. These children are available for adoption at no cost, and just waiting to be part of a family. Special PRIDE educational classes are required for prospective adoptive parents to be approved to adopt these special children. Forever Families offers PRIDE classes monthly to help in certifying families who want to open their hearts to these children. See Trainings on this web site.


Forever Families offers consultation and resources to prospective adoptive parents who are seeking support in an international adoption. Although we are not HAGUE certified, we do have many years of experience in working with UCIS and International Dossiers.