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Intake Services

The intake department is responsible for matching and placement of foster children in Forever Families foster and adoptive homes. The intake department is the first contact when receiving placement emails and phone calls from the Department of Health and Human Services and private agencies throughout the state of Michigan. The intake department is the bridge between the licensing and foster care departments which makes it a crucial component to the child welfare system. 

When Forever Families receives a placement inquiry, the intake department assesses current licensed foster homes and determines which home would be a good match for the children. The intake department will contact current licensed foster homes within Forever Families and provide all known information regarding the child to determine if they would be interested in placement. If yes, the intake department will contact the referral agency to schedule a date and time for the foster child to be placed in the foster home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need a foster child removed from my home?2020-02-27T18:01:43-05:00

Per policy, a foster parent will need to submit a 30 day written request and submit it to their licensing worker and foster care specialist. The intake supervisor/specialist will assess Forever Families open beds for placement, if there is not a match, the agency will inquire with other private agencies and DHHS.

What is a respite foster home?2020-02-23T19:12:09-05:00

A  respite foster home is a licensed foster home that is available for short-term care.

What does a foster parent do in case of an emergency/vacation?2020-02-23T19:11:43-05:00

The foster parent will contact their assigned licensing worker, who will gather all information of when placement is needed and the intake supervisor or specialist will find a respite foster home. We encourage foster parents to utilize their substitute caregiver for short-term care. The substitute caregiver can reside in the licensed foster home to care for the foster child or the child can stay in the substitute caregivers home up to 4 days.

Will the child come with all of their belongings?2020-02-23T19:11:21-05:00

Most often, the child will come with the belongings they have at the time of removal, however, Forever Families will complete a Clothing Inventory to assess what the child has and still need. Forever Families will also attempt to retrieve the child’s belongings from their previous caregiver. If necessary, the Department of Health and Human Services may provide a clothing allowance based on the child’s needs.

What information will intake know in regards to a foster child’s background?2020-02-27T16:20:01-05:00

An overview will be provided by the referral agency related to the reason why the child is entering foster care, their current needs, behaviors, etc. In some circumstances, not all pertinent information will be known prior to being placed in a foster home.

What is the typical age range of children needing foster and adoptive homes?2020-02-23T19:10:36-05:00

Children awaiting temporary foster home placements typically range between the ages of 0-17 years old. Children awaiting permanent adoptive homes placements typically range between 10-17 years old.

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If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our Intake Team or Submit an Inquiry Form.

Stacie Nedwid, BHS – Licensing Supervisor

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