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Foster Home Licensing

The licensing department completes assessments and makes recommendations to The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regarding the licensing of foster parents who have submitted applications and completed the assessment process.

It monitors all licensed foster homes to ensure compliance, completes all special evaluations concerning non-compliance, and reports the findings to DHHS. It also organizes Foster Care recruitment and retention events, conducts training, and supports and advocates for foster parents.

An orientation, application, home study, and training are required. All applicants must complete a fingerprint-based criminal background check. All household members 18 and older must complete a criminal background check and a comprehensive assessment must be completed on all household members, including but not limited to social history, finances, and motivation.

Foster parents play a critical role for children, families, and agencies. The foster parent’s primary task is to temporarily care for a child until the child’s permanence goal is achieved. The foster parent’s role is also unique and involves much more. Foster parents are expected to comply with the following:

  • State requirements
  • Meet foster home licensing standards
  • Agency requirements

Our orientation dates are scheduled to accommodate families’ availability. We provide orientations either in person or virtually. If you want to sign up, please get in touch with us at or call (734)762-0909.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be licensed if I work?2020-02-23T19:00:00-05:00

The child placing agency will evaluate whether you have sufficient time to meet the needs of children who might be placed with you.  There is no prohibition in the rules on working foster parents.  Additionally, the foster family must have a legal source of income that is sufficient to meet the needs of the foster family.

If I become licensed, what will be expected of me?2020-02-23T18:59:39-05:00

You will be expected to work with the child placing agency to meet the needs of children placed into your home.  Training is required prior to licensure and annually after that for each person named on the license.  You will need to keep the agency informed about your family and to maintain compliance with the foster home licensing rules.

Will I have any say in the “types” of children I’ll be asked to care for?2020-02-23T18:59:16-05:00

The agency will ask you about the types of children for whom you are willing to care.  The agency’s final recommendation will be based on your preferences and the agency’s assessment of your skills and abilities.

I live in a rented apartment. Will that affect becoming licensed?2020-02-23T18:58:51-05:00

You are not required to own your own home to be licensed.  You should check with your landlord before applying to be sure the landlord does not object.

What should I expect to have happen while involved in the process of becoming licensed?2020-02-23T18:58:30-05:00

The child placing agency will provide orientation to all prospective license applicants.  If you file an application, police clearances and a check for a child protective services history will be done on all adults in the home.  Medical statements will be required for all members of the household.  The agency will do a comprehensive study to assure compliance with the foster home rules.

I’m really interested in adopting a child. Should I seek a foster home license?2020-02-23T18:58:04-05:00

Generally, foster children are returned to their birth families.  Foster families must comply with the plan when such reunification is the goal.  However, when parental rights are terminated, foster parents frequently adopt the children for whom they have been caring.

If your primary interest is adopting a healthy newborn infant, you should contact an adoption agency.

Is there any guarantee that children will be placed in my home?2020-02-23T18:57:27-05:00

There are no guarantees that a child will be placed into your home.  Becoming a licensed foster home merely makes the placement of a child possible.  Having a child placed is dependent on the “types” of children needing foster care, the availability of beds in the community, and on the placement specifications for each foster home.

If I become licensed to provide foster care, how do children get placed into my home?2020-02-23T18:56:59-05:00

Child Placing Agencies and certain courts place children into foster homes.  The agency responsible for your home’s supervision can make placements.  Other child placing agencies and authorized courts can borrow vacant beds within your home if they have the supervising agency’s approval and your agreement.

How do I go about applying for a child foster home license?2020-02-23T18:56:27-05:00

Licensing of child foster homes is a joint effort between the State of Michigan and licensed Child Placing Agencies.  All foster homes work with and are supervised by a Child Placing Agency.  In order to apply for a foster home license, you will need to contact one the child placing agencies conducting business in your geographic location.

Contact Our Foster Home Licensing Supervisor in Livonia, MI

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our Licensing Supervisor or Submit an Inquiry Form. Stacie Nedwid, BHS – Licensing Supervisor

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