Reunification is usually the primary goal when children enter into the foster care system. Reunification allows the parents to have a chance to fight to be reunified with their children. When children come into care, parents are given a service plan which explains the services that they need to complete by the next reporting period in order to get one step closer to being reunified with their children. Once children are reunified with their families they are still monitored/checked in on while in the parental home for a brief amount of time to ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing within the home.

It is extremely important that while children are in foster care if they have siblings, that they are all placed within the same home. As you can imagine the process and changes these children face when entering care can be scary and remaining with their siblings can be comforting and make them feel that some part of their life is not changing. We also try to keep all children within the same placement throughout their foster care journey to reduce the amount of transitions they have to go through during this time.

Our agency provides support for relative and non-relative foster parents, through support group, respite days, foster parent outings, and the ability to contact their case worker at any given time with any concerns they may have. We also offer support for birth parents through their service plans, parenting time, answering any questions/concerns they may have, and being able to contact their case worker at any given time. Our agency strives to make this process as smooth as possible by making everyone involved feel comfortable and allow them to work together as one big team.

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