First Names Only:

Why we want to be parents:
It is the greatest opportunity to give and receive as a parent.

What activities we look forward to doing with a child:
Exploring, learning, and traveling

The people/pets who make up our family:
Son, parents, five siblings and their families.

Our ethnic/cultural background:

Family celebrations that are important to us:
Holidays and any opportunity we have to get

Any religious identification:

Fun activities we like to do:
I enjoy being in the company of family and great friends, laughing,
storytelling over a meal, or traveling.

Where we live (city, rural, community):
Community outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan

A few fun facts about each of us:
There isn’t anything a great laugh can’t fix. Laughter is the
best medicine.

One thing we would like the birth family to know about me/why I would be a good parent:
I would go to the moon and beyond to love, support, and cherish a child.

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