Kady & Justin

First Names Only:

Justin & Kady

Why we want to be parents:

We can’t wait to be parents and to add to our family. We want to teach them our family values like our parents did for us, like unconditional love and support, and to encourage them to follow their dreams. We want to watch our child grow and learn new things everyday.

What activities we look forward to doing with a child:

We look forward to taking our child on family vacations. We both enjoy snowmobiling, ATV riding, making maple syrup, hiking and traveling to different states.

The people/pets who make up our family:

We have a golden retriever puppy named Sierra. She will be 2 years old this year. We have immediate family and also extended family that we are close with.

Our ethnic/cultural background:

We are both German.

Family celebrations that are important to us:

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and 4th of July. But we also celebrate Memorial Day and Labor Day at our up north property.
Any religious identification:
We are both Lutheran.
Fun activities we like to do:
Together we love to travel, enjoy the outdoors (hunting & fishing), ATV riding, snowmobiling, grow pumpkins, making maple syrup, and enjoy bon fires with friends and family.
Where we live (city, rural, community):
We live in a cozy colonial style home on 10 acres, in Grand Blanc. We have friendly neighbors and live near family farms who have children.
A few fun facts about each of us:
Justin – is an identical twin, enjoys making maple syrup, likes to tear things apart and rebuild them. Kady – loves to split wood, is a health and fitness coach, and likes to build things out of wood.
One thing we would like the birth family to know about us/why we would be good parents:
We want the birth family to know that their child will be loved unconditionally, and they will be well provided for. And we have an amazing support system from all our friends and family.

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