Jason & Joanne

Why we want to be parents: 

The thought of providing a child with a loving and nurturing environment filled with encouragement and opportunity has been a dream of ours.  We haven’t been able to do so biologically and believe God has planned for us to adopt a beautiful child into our family.  Being able to shape the life of a little one, encouraging dreams, building hopes, and instilling important family values including kindness, honesty, faith in God, confidence and strength are some of the things we’re excited to teach a child.

What activities we look forward to doing with a child: 

We’re looking forward to sharing all aspects of our life with a child, and we’re excited to build traditions and create amazing memories together.  We’re excited to laugh together during family game nights, cuddle up and enjoy popcorn on family movie nights, celebrate birthdays and holidays, travel the world together, build snowmen, play sports together, and family picnics and barbecues.

The people/pets who make up our family: 

Our immediate family consists of the two of us, and no pets.  We’re both close with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a great group of friends who are looking forward to welcoming a child into our loving circle of support.

Our ethnic/cultural background: 

Jason is part Welsh and German and Joanne is Middle Eastern.

Family celebrations that are important to us: 

We love all celebrations that can be shared with family.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Birthdays, and the 4th of July are some of our absolute favorites!

Any religious identification: 

We are both very faithful and are active members of the Catholic religion.

Fun activities we like to do: 

We love to travel around the world and explore new places.  We enjoy playing board games, ping-pong, basketball, football, soccer, and tennis.  We also enjoy family get togethers, barbecues, and spending time outdoors.

Where we live (city, rural, community): 

We live in a family-oriented city in Southeast, Michigan in a beautiful home with a large and private backyard ready to be filled with children’s toys and playscapes.  Our community has great schools and is filled with family friendly parks and recreational areas. 

A few fun facts about each of us: 

Jason has a fun-loving personality and enjoys swimming, playing tennis, football, basketball, and golf.  He is very creative and loves playing board games and doing puzzles.

Joanne loves to laugh and be silly.  She thoroughly enjoys cooking and loves listening to and finding new music.  She also likes reading, especially Harry Potter books!

Other fun facts:  

  • Both Jason and Joanne have ridden a camel in various parts of the world, Jason in China, and Joanne in Jordan
  • Both Jason and Joanne have lived internationally, Jason in Australia and China and Joanne in Jordan and Italy

One thing we would like the birth family to know about us/why we would be good parents: 

Together, we have a very strong relationship built upon love, trust, and respect for one another.  We want you to know this child will be loved with all our hearts and will be enveloped in the warmth and support we have already built within our home and throughout our extended community of family and friends.  We promise to give this child every opportunity we can to fulfill his or her hopes and dreams and will always be there to support and encourage him or her to explore and learn in an accepting and positive environment.

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