Fred & Mark

First Names Only:

Fred & Mark

Why we want to be parents:

We can’t wait to share our knowledge, traditions and unconditional love with our child. We want to be able to watch them child grow and encourage them to follow their dreams and accomplish amazing things. 

What activities we look forward to doing with a child:

We can’t wait to share all the activities we love and enjoy with a child along side us. We think about spending time in our backyard playing, going for bike rides and discovering our child’s favorite sports.  We look forward to story time, playing games and cuddling on the couch.  We also look forward to being involved in a variety of sports and inspiring their creativity in music and the arts.

The people/pets who make up our family:

We have a 12 year old tuxedo cat named Felix.  He is shy at first, but quickly learns to love you.  He is a cuddler and a great nap buddy.  He loves to play with his laser pointer and sit at the front window watching the birds at the feeder.

Our ethnic/cultural background:

  Fred: English/ German – Mark: Italian/English

Family celebrations that are important to us:

Birthdays and holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, are our favorite to celebrate.  Enjoying family traditions and festivities together is always a memorable experience.  We often celebrate Birthdays with our family and friends surrounded by laughter and love.
Any religious identification:
Fred:  Non-practicing. Mark: Raised Catholic, no longer practicing.
Fun activities we like to do:
We enjoy playing board games, riding our bikes and going for walks through the nature preserve across from our house. We also enjoy having bonfires in the backyard and spending time with family and friends. We love to travel and explore new places together. Fred enjoys gardening, playing Playstation and reading.  Mark loves to fish, practice nature photography, and working out at CrossFit.
Where we live (city, rural, community):
We live in a smaller city in the Metro-North area of Detroit.  Our community is immersed in nature, outdoor activities and is known for its small-town charm. It is know for highly ranked schools and a great quality of life.  With a variety parks within walking distance, we have access to multiple playgrounds, nature trials and family friendly events throughout the year.
A few fun facts about each of us:
Fred lived in Salzburg, Austria and speaks German. Mark was a professional figure skater and toured with Disney on Ice.
One thing we would like the birth family to know about us/why we would be good parents:
We want to ensure the birth family that their child will always know about you. You will remain an important part of their life story and we will make sure they know how much you love them.  Your child will be loved unconditionally and raised in an environment surrounded by family, love, and laughter.

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