Daniel & Lindsay

Why we want to be parents:

Our desire to be parents and expand our family is something we feel deeply in our hearts. We have a strong relationship filled with unconditional love and support, which we want to give to a child. We look forward to raising a child and seeing the world through his/her eyes. We want to provide a loving home filled with kindness, compassion, laughter, and love.

What activities we look forward to doing with a child:

We look forward to taking a family vacation every year. Our vacations usually involve some fun in the sun and water and something educational. Going to museums, sporting events, musicals/plays are all on our list of activities to do as a family. We both love animals and going to zoos, so that would be something exciting for us to do as a family.  We also look forward to everyday activities like playing a board game, going to the park, playing in the backyard, riding bikes, and reading a book each night before bed.

The people/pets who make up our family:

Our immediate family consists of us and our dog, Teddy. We are very close with our parents, Daniel’s siblings, extended family, and close circle of friends; all who are very excited to welcome a child with love and support.

Our ethnic/cultural background:

We are Caucasian. Lindsay is Italian, Polish, and Irish. Daniel is Polish, German, and English.

Family celebrations that are important to us:

We celebrate a lot with our family and friends. Celebrations can be something small like a family dinner, or a big all-day event cooking, eating, visiting, and presents. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, and few others. Our celebrations include good food, visiting, games, and laughter.

Any religious identification:

We are both Catholic.

Fun activities we like to do:

We like to go on vacations, attend sporting events, experience plays, musicals, and concerts. We have some yearly traditions which include an apple orchard every fall and pontoon boating every summer. Daniel likes to garden and golf. Lindsay likes to read and organize. We also like going to the movies and trying out a new restaurant.

Where we live:

We live in a ranch style home in a lovely suburban neighborhood in southeast Michigan. Our home has a large fenced-in yard for children and our dog to play. We also have a garden and patio area. Our community has very nice schools, parks, a small downtown, and a new family recreation center.

A few fun facts about each of us:

We met on Match.com and we were “matched” because we both love hockey, especially the Red Wings.  Lindsay is an MSU fan and Daniel is a U of M fan. Daniel is very handy around the house and has started quite the collection of power tools. Lindsay is crafty and organized, coming up with home improvement ideas. We both love to laugh and joke around with each other.

One thing we would like the birth family to know about us/why we would be good parents:

We want the birth family to know that their child will be surrounded by unconditional love and support, not only from us, but also our family and friends. We will provide a warm home that focuses on kindness, education, values, laughter, and compassion. We promise to guide and help your child grow into the person they are destined to become. You are a significant part of your child’s life and story, that we will make sure is cherished throughout their life.

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