January 23, 2018
January 23, 2018

Male, 6 years old

Princeton has the characteristics that any Ivy League school would welcome. First of all, he’s “very smart and intelligent for his age,” according to Princeton’s worker. She also describes him as a friendly, loving and inquisitive boy who “is able to vocalize his emotions, thoughts and feelings.” In addition, Princeton is a people person “who knows no strangers,” his foster parent says. This gregarious young man has some specific favorite foods. They include slushies, fried chicken and chicken pot pies.

Because he has experienced trauma, Princeton displays some behavior issues at times, but he’s receiving services to help him process his past and develop coping skills to manage his feelings. He also receives services to improve his communication skills. Princeton can struggle at times with behavior in school; however, he generally does well academically.

A future forever family for Princeton must be willing to adopt his older brother, Jermaine. The boys would do best with two experienced parents who have knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. Their new parents also must be strong advocates for the services that will help Jermaine and Princeton thrive at home and in school. Finally, the boys would do best as the only children in their new forever family.

To learn more about Princeton, please contact Deirdre Walker at or call 734.762.0909


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