Pregnancy/Birth Parent Services


Your child is well loved and cared for

Adoption is different today! Previously, with an unplanned pregnancy, you may have felt there were no choices. Perhaps you were confused by outside influences trying to tell you what do; perhaps a parent, a friend, or even your boyfriend or father of your child. This is a decision that requires a lot of thought. This is the life of your child and whatever you decide, whether to raise your child or place your child in a loving home – your life will change.

As you begin thinking through your decision, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want most for your child?
  • How do you see your child’s future?
  • What kind of home stability, parental involvement and resources do you believe your child will need?

We see every child as precious and deserving of a committed parent who will meet their needs. We see every birth parent as unique. We strive to strengthen the positives in everyone and will help you develop and identify an adoption plan you feel is best for your child.


We will help you through

Adoption is often a choice made by a mother who loves her child so much that she wants that child to have the best. Adoption can be the greatest gift a mother gives her child.

Forever Families can offer you counseling and resources to support a loving, informed choice. Making an adoption plan allows a birth parent to participate and identify what is important.

Forever Families recognizes that an adoption decision by a birth parent is difficult. It requires maturity and thinking of a child’s needs above all else. All birth parents are entitled to respect and support in making a plan they feel is best for their child, as well as for themselves. We don’t pressure or make decisions for you, but will provide you resources to help in stabilizing your life.

  • Birth parents have choices and can actively participate in identifying the adoption process and plan in the best interest of their child.
  • Relationships often develop between the adoptive family and birth parent, providing ongoing confirmation that her child is being well loved and cared for.
  • Birth parents select an adoptive family after reading profiles and looking through photo albums of potential adoptive parents. These albums are detailed with photos of the adoptive parent’s lifestyles and values.

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