Nick & Nikki

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Why we want to be parents:

One of the best things in the world is watching our daughter Emma discover the world around her. We are so excited to watch that excitement and wonder in another child. We can’t wait to give the same love and dedication to our children that our parents still give to us.

What activities we look forward to doing with a child:

We love the outdoors. We live off of a lake so we look forward to teaching them how to swim, water ski and do other water sports.

The people/pets who make up our family:

We are currently a family of three. We have a daughter, Emma, who is almost two. We also have a fun loving and energetic dog named Cooper.

Our ethnic/cultural background:

We both identify as Caucasian. Nick is half Polish and half Italian. It makes for some fun holiday celebrations. Nikki is mostly German.

Family celebrations that are important to us:

Nikki’s family especially loves to celebrate! They celebrate every birthday and big life event. Living on the lake we enjoy the summer holidays almost as much as we do the Christmas season. We enjoy getting our family and friends together to enjoy water sports and BBQ in the backyard.

Any religious identification:

Our relationship with God is very important to us. We hope to create a loving and Christ filled home where everyone feels loved and accepted.

Fun activities we like to do:

Together we like to travel, golf, go to concerts, play softball, and ride bikes.

Where we live:

We live in a ranch style home in a nice suburban neighborhood in southeast Michigan. We have friends in our neighborhood that are always there to help and a lot of kids as well. We also have a fenced-in yard for our kids to play in and a couple of parks within walking distance!

A few fun facts about each of us:

Nick is witty, calm and dedicated. He works hard and plays hard. He loves to be on the move and is the main reason we live on the lake. Nikki is fun, outgoing and caring. She is one of those people who is everyone’s best friend because they instantly feel comfortable around her. Together we love sports, entertaining our family and friends and being active.

One thing we would like the birth family to know about us/why we would be good parents:

We both love to be present. We have found that this is one of the most important things in our lives, that our parents always showed up. We want to do that for a child. To be the ones that are always there, in the good and the bad.

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