January 23, 2018
DISABILITY and PARENTING – A Plan for Your Family
May 10, 2019

Male, 9 years old

If he were a cartoon character, Jermaine would be as popular as Mickey Mouse. Well, sort of. After all, he’s described as a “very friendly” boy who “knows no strangers.” Like Mickey, Jermaine is a good problem solver. “He is good at math in addition to being very good with addition and subtraction problems,” says Jermaine’s worker. However, his favorite “clubhouse” isn’t Mikey Mouse’s. “Jermaine likes going to Sam’s Club,” says his worker, who adds that he also enjoys being outdoors, riding his bike and playing football. When he gets older, Jermaine wants to become a firefighter. In some ways, Jermaine is already older than his age. One worker describes Jermaine as having “an old soul” and says that he is a peacemaker.

Jermaine shows some behavior issues at times related to the trauma he experienced. However, Jermaine receives services to help him process his past and develop coping skills to manage his emotions. He generally does well in school. “He is educationally on target and gets along well with his peers,” says Jermaine’s worker. She adds that a future forever family for Jermaine should be open to letting him participate in organized sports such as football.

A future forever family for Jermaine must be willing to adopt his younger brother, Princeton. The boys would do best with two experienced parents who have knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. Their new parents also must be strong advocates for the services that will help Jermaine and Princeton thrive at home and in school. Finally, the boys would do best as the only children in their new forever family.

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