January Newsletter-Family Focus
January 11, 2018
January 23, 2018

Male, 9 years old

Garrivonni might have dreams involving words such as “BOFF!” “KAPOW!” “WHAP!” Those words and many more like them are displayed during the fight scenes from his favorite television show, the 1960’s version of “Batman.” In fact, to make his weekends complete, Garrivonni teams his love of the show along with visiting his favorite restaurant. “His favorite weekend pastime is watching the ‘original’ Batman television shows and eating out at Pizza Hut,” says Garrivonni’s worker. However, Garrivonni doesn’t just like going out to eat. “He likes home-cooked meals that consist of chili, mac and cheese, barbecue ribs, potato salad and cabbage,” says Garrivonni’s worker. “His favorite candy is Reese’s Cup.” His worker calls Garrivonni a “cautiously friendly young man” who likes reading, helping around the house and building things. He loves playing with Ninjago Legos and enjoys playing Nintendo video games. When he gets older, Garrivonni wants to join the Army and become an FBI agent when he finishes his military service.

Due to the trauma he experienced, Garrivonni can struggle at times with behavior, but he receives services to help him develop coping skills to manage his feelings. In school, Garrivonni would benefit from assistance to help him stay on task. He says that math and science are his favorite subjects.

Garrivonni would do best in a forever family with a mom or a mom and dad. His new parent or parents must be experienced and knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. In addition, Garrivonni would do best as the only or youngest child in his new family. Finally, his new parent or parents must be strong advocates for the services that will help Garrivonni thrive at home and in school.

To learn more about Garrivonni, please contact Deirdre Walker at or call 734.762.0909.


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