Foster Care


Forever Families’ Foster Care

Forever Families’ Foster Care Programs serve children between the ages of 0 and 17 who have entered into the foster care system typically for reasons of abuse and/or neglect. The foster care programs of Forever Families include General Foster Care. The needs of the children vary greatly based on their own unique set of circumstances, experiences and level of functioning.

Our experienced staff is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent care or should an issue arise that you need agency assistance.

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Being a Member of the Team

Forever Families seeks foster families who can provide a home for one to three children. In some cases, the child may return to their parents or to a relative after their initial placement in foster care. In other cases, the foster families may care for the children until the child can live independently. Although the legal jurisdiction over most foster children ends on their 18th birthday, Forever Families is seeking families who can establish a bond with their foster child that will last a lifetime.

Forever Families is looking for families who can share their lives with a young child and help them grow into healthy and productive members of society. Forever Families needs homes from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Foster parents can be single or married and of any gender, race or ethnicity.

Forever Families foster parents are important members of the foster care team for each child. To assist foster parents in fulfilling this role, Forever Families will provide training and support services, including for example, regular meetings with the case worker and monthly foster parent support group meetings. Forever Families needs foster parents who want to be full team members and who welcome frequent agency contact.

Do you know someone that is interested in becoming a foster parent? Forever Families offers an Incentive Program for referrals. Click HERE to learn more or contact Bridgett at