Brian & Amy

Why we want to be parents:

We have been married for 14 years and are a dynamic team together. Over this time, we have continued to grow more in love and become better friends with each passing year. We are great communicators, truly care for one another and give each other support. We have wanted to raise a child ever since we got married; unfortunately, we’ve struggled with fertility and after a lot of consideration have decided to pursue adoption. We have so much love to give a child.

What activities we look forward to doing with a child:

We are most excited to show a child our family lakehouse where they’ll be able to swim, go on boats and play alongside our little niece. Other activities we look forward to are celebrating holidays, going to museums, the Detroit Zoo and going on walks around our neighborhood with our dogs.

The people/pets who make up our family:

We have two lovable golden doodles. They have been around lots of children and love Amy’s nieces and nephew.  We also have a large group of college friends nearby, with children that we would love to have play-dates with.

Amy – My family consists of my three siblings, who are all married with children, and my parents. We see my family regularly even though they all don’t live in Michigan. We have a family lake house and gather there all summer, with too much food, laughter, and lots of hugs.

Brian- My family is so excited to spoil a future baby. I have parents and an older sister, who all live within a walkable distance. My large extended family are also in the area and are always willing to help, and drop what they are doing to support us.

Our ethnic/cultural background:

We are both Caucasian.

  • Amy – I am mostly German, with some English and a bit of Irish
  • Brian – I am English and French. My mother and her family are from Canada.

Family celebrations that are important to us:

Birthdays! Amy and Brian’s mom have the same birthday and we look forward to a big celebration every year. Amy loves a good banner and is always ready to make a celebration out of anything. We go all out for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Amy’s family also throw an epic 4th of July get together, at the lake house, with fireworks and boat rides.

Any religious identification:

We are Christians.

Fun activities we like to do:

We love Michigan summers at the lake, with lots of family, friends, floating, boating, and swimming with the dogs. We also enjoy relaxing at home by reading, watching new TV shows, and playing board games. A few times a year, we enjoy going on vacation to the mountains or a beach.

  • Brian – I love discovering new music to listen to and making playlists for just about every occasion. In my spare time, I do a music podcast with my cousin.
  • Amy – I enjoy being creative by sewing, painting, crafting, and decorating. I’m always up to try a new recipe by combining a few different ones to make the perfect meal.

Where we live (city, rural, community):

We live in a cute three-bedroom brick home in Metro Detroit. We have been in our house for over five years and it has a great shade filled backyard and is close to parks. We chose the neighborhood based on good school districts and it is very close to our work. Our house is on a quiet street that’s around halfway between Ann Arbor and Detroit so it’s easy to go enjoy what the cities have to offer.

A few fun facts about each of us:

We met in college, where Amy was a Psychology major and Brian was a Sociology major, and together we have always felt the need to understand and grow as people.  When people describe us it always includes our love of others (we may be biased but we think we are very lovable people), our love of chanting, reading, and dance parties.

One thing we would like the birth family to know about us/why we would be good parents:

We want the birth family to know that we will create a loving environment for their child where they can be their most authentic self and always receive unconditional love and support in return.

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