Adoptions Services FAQ

Helpful Answers to Your Questions:

The time it takes to adopt a newborn infant is difficult to answer.  In the State of Michigan, we have eliminated adoption waiting lists when we enacted Direct Consent Adoption Placements in 1994.  Adoption agencies and adoption attorneys now have waiting pools where a birth parent who is seeking to make an adoption plan for their child is entitled to review independently and voluntarily every approved adoptive parent in the pool (meeting criteria*) to identify the specific family for their child.  Therefore, it is hard to specify the length of time an adoptive family waits until they are selected and matched. Some adoptive families are matched quickly, and some adoptive families may never be selected.  Networking, however, is key to success. Many adoptive families network outside the State of Michigan with match facilitators.

In seeking adoption services, you will become aware that adoption agencies and adoption attorneys all charge differently for their services. Some agencies will add on numerous fees for administration or advertising. You should be aware of all fees an agency charges prior to application. As most agencies charge a range of $15,000.-$25,000 per adoption, Forever Families charges a placement fee for services under $13,000.

Domestic Infant adoption generally refers to newborn or under the age of one years old.

Internationally, children can range in age from 6 months to 13 years of age.

State Ward children available for adoption are generally 2 years to 17 years of age. State Ward children are considered to have special needs.

An inquiry into an adoption agency is always a good start, whether by phone, email, or Internet. Gathering information on adoption services from a variety of organizations is suggested. Your first step, however, is arranging to attend an orientation with the organization. Forever Families arranges all orientations free of charge and privately. Next an adoption application is submitted and an adoption pre-placement assessment is scheduled to be completed.  The outline of the adoption process is carefully examined in every orientation.